Imagine a CRM that fits
your business like a glove

Yes, we know that’s quite impossible out of the box, that’s why we customize CRM systems to fit your unique business model.

What we do quite well


Help you choose the right CRM application


CRM Customization


CRM Implementation


CRM Support and Maintenance

We think differently and so is our approach

We focus on analysing and pinpointing your business needs to find the best CRM for you

Discovery & Definition

During this critical step, we review and document your business processes and determine the best way to automate with the new software system.

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The process where we drill down on the requirements collected and gather them into a refined data model, set of development approaches, and conceptual process models.

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This is where the bulk of professional services time is consumed. Code customizations, module development activities, QA, bug fixing, and data migration are all a part of this stage.

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To drive high levels of adoption, we train users on how to utilize the new system most effectively. Training is done for end users, administrators, and developers.

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